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Introducing the new generation of miniature paint storage and transport, the Paint Tray System. This is a unified system for your hobby paints and tools, utilising a universal tray design to allow you to change your trays around and customise your setup to work for you. 



The Citadel Tray has space for 14 paint bottles such as Citadel or Pro Acryl bottles.



The Dropper Tray has space for 21 paint bottles such as MIG Ammo, Vallejo, or Army Painter. The spaces are sized to allow for the larger bottles often used to decant other paints into.


Tool Tray

The Tool Tray has space for for a water pot and an area with a galvanized steel plate to store tools or miniatures with magnetized bases.

Portable Tray System - Trays

Sorry, currently out of stock. Please allow 10-15 business days for manufacture before shipping. Pre-painted versions may take longer.
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