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Introducing the new generation of miniature paint storage and transport, the Paint Tray System. This is a unified system for your hobby paints and tools, utilising a universal tray design to allow you to change your trays around and customise your setup to work for you. 


The Portable Box is a carry case for these hobby trays to make your hobby setup mobile. Each Box comes standard with 6 trays, but you can buy more trays to change your setup to suit your needs.


The Portable Box comes standard with the Painting Handle tray and also includes 8 of the PTS - Painting Handles and the Tool Tray, which has space for your water container and an open tray design featuring a galvanized metal insert for if you want to store miniatures with magnetized bases.


The three options are;

Citadel, which includes 4 Citadel Trays that can take paints such as the Citadel and Pro Acryl ranges. Each tray holds 14 paints, giving you 56 spots for paint.

Dropper, which includes 4 Dropper Trays that can take paints such as the Army Painter, MiG Ammo, and Vallejo. It is also large enough to hold the slightly larger bottles some people decant into. Each tray holds 21 paints, giving you 84 spots for paint. Dropper bottles can be stored right side up or upside down.

Mixed, which gives you two of each tray. This means you have spots for 28 Citadel-size bottles and 42 dropper bottles.



Please note, all Brink Designs products come unpainted and unassembled.

Any miniatures, paints, or other products in the photos are only for display.

For assembly instructions please see the instructions tab on our website or visit our YouTube Page, Brink Designs.

Paint Tray System - Portable Box

SKU: P-PB001
  • 50x38.5x5cm

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