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The Paint Rack - Dropper Center forms part of the Brink Designs Hobby System. It is a simple storage system designed to hold up to 105 paint pots of 26mm diameter (17ml) and min 40mm height e.g., Army Painter, Vallejo, MiG AMMO, and the slightly larger dropper bottles used when decanting other paints..


Both sides of the paint rack have three slots to allow it to join together to other products in the range.



Please note, all Brink Designs products come unpainted and unassembled.

Any miniatures, paints, or other products present in the photos are for display only.

For assembly instructions please visit our YouTube Page, Brink Designs.

Paint Rack - Dropper Center

Currently out of stock. Manufacturing will commence on 09 January 2023. Please allow 10-15 business days for manufacture before shipping.
  • 28x40x1.5cm

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