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The Dice Tower Jail aims to give you all the fun things you need in order to roll your dice, except the dice. Containing a folding tower large enough to roll multiple dice from a standard size dice set, as well as a dice jail for those naughty dice. The jail can hold up to six of the standard role playing set, so make sure you have enough dice to spare if your dice really don't like you.


Note, the dice jail does not lock so we do not advise you store your dice there long term, only during sessions.



Please note, all Brink Designs products come unpainted and unassembled.

Any miniatures, paints, or other products present in the photos are for display only.

For assembly instructions please visit our YouTube Page, Brink Designs.

Dice Tower Jail

Currently out of stock. Manufacturing will commence on 09 January 2023. Please allow 10-15 business days for manufacture before shipping.
  • 23x32x0.5cm

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