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Keeping track of your orders is always a pain. Whether it's laying them out initially in their correct groups and keeping them that way, or they shift around when if you accidently bump the table, or checking what orders you have left from across the table. The Command Panel aims to solve such problem.


The basic Command Panel includes;
2 Command Groups, split into 10 regular orders and 6 irregular orders each.
2 Lieutenant orders separately.
5 Commands
A score counter
A turn counter
A drawer to store your tokens when not in use.


If you buy the Command Panel with the token set, the included tokens are:
20 Regular Orders (15mm Round)
12 Irregular Orders (15mm Round)
2 Lieutenant Orders (15mm Round)
4 Impetuous Orders (15mm Round)
20 Prone (15mm Round)
6 1-Wound (15mm Round)
5 2-Wound (15mm Round)
12 Unconscious (15mm Round)
5 Command (15mm Square)
10 Camo - numbered 0-9 (25mm Round)


96 Tokens total



Please note, all Brink Designs products come unpainted and unassembled.

Any miniatures, paints, or other products present in the photos are for display only.

For assembly instructions please visit our YouTube Page, Brink Designs.

Command Panel

  • 33x22x1cm

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