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While not exactly 3D miniatures, these are also not just a series of 2D tokens to put down on the table. They are something in between. Our 2.5D Miniatures are cut out of a sheet of MDF, but are able to stand upright giving you the sense of 3D and making it easier to see the miniatures on the table between the buildings and the Dungeon Walls. The groups of miniatures also have their bases numbered to make it easier to identify the different miniatures.

x16 Small (20mm base)
x6 Goblin

x6 Kobold

x1 Pseudo/Faerie Dragon

x3 Mephit/Quasit/Imp

x24 Medium (25mm base)
x5 Bandit

x1 Bandit Captain

x2 Bugbear

x1 Dryad

x3 Hag

x2 Hobgoblin

x2 Ghost/Shadow/Wraith

x4 Skeletons

x4 Zombies

x6 Large (50mm base)
x1 Beholder/Beholder Zombie

x1 Displacer Beast

x1 Giant Spider

x2 Ogre

x1 Owlbear

x1 Huge (100mm base) 
x1 Dragon



Please note, all Brink Designs products come unpainted and unassembled.

Any miniatures, paints, or other products present in the photos are for display only.

For assembly instructions please visit our YouTube Page, Brink Designs.

2.5D Miniatures

SKU: 2M001
Currently out of stock. Manufacturing will commence on 09 January 2023. Please allow 10-15 business days for manufacture before shipping.
  • 23x32x0.5cm

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